Runner's Protein  - Seriously Vanilla (600g) Runner's Protein  - Seriously Vanilla (600g)
Runner's Protein  - Seriously Vanilla (600g) Runner's Protein  - Seriously Vanilla (600g)

Runner's Protein - Seriously Vanilla (600g)


Runner's Protein is runner formulated to the exact post-run requirements of all runners using the highest quality and minimal ingredients.

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If you refill your glycogen stores immediately after a run, you recover faster.  Glycogen use during a run turns on glycogen synthesis during recovery. When fast carbs are ingested right after a run, insulin release from the pancreas, insulin sensitivity in muscle cells, glucose uptake by muscle cells, and glycogen synthase activity within muscle cells all increase — responses that can remain elevated for 48 hours.  You will be prepared for your next run.


Runner’s Protein has 22g of 3 plant based proteins, making it a complete protein. Every runner knows they need carbs, but protein is just as important to muscle recovery after a run. It repairs muscle damage, diminishes the effects of cortisol, and when taken with carbohydrates, speeds your body's ability to replenish its glycogen stores, your all-important energy source for those awesome runs. If you've ever "hit the wall" during a run, you know what it feels like to deplete your glycogen reserves.


Electrically charged minerals in each serving! Runner’s Protein contains 420mg of electrolytes per serving that is sure to help replace the electrolytes you lost during your run. Essential electrolytes are lost in sweat when running, including potassium and sodium. This deficiency will not only contribute to muscle cramps but can also ruin your performance on your next run. For a runner, keeping your electrolytes balanced is key for successful training and optimum performance. Make your next run better.

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